Home Grounding

I’m sure many freshly graduated young adults can also relate to the feeling of disinterest towards the town that they’ve just been through the ordeal of high-school in. I certainly did, after hanging around for a few years, not ready for uni, I got bored and was eager to see more of the country… and the world. I held this resentment against Yeppoon for a little while, now as I return home I am so grateful for this beautiful town.


These days as my entertainment and enjoyment come directly from nature, I relish in the excitement of exploring this amazing place. Most of our days were spent out in Byfield, soaking up the clean air, fresh water and bird song, with no phone reception, spending quality time with loved ones… bliss!

The stars had aligned for this next adventure to happen, a voyage out to sea with some beautiful friends to visit Great Keppel Island.


The Island holds many memories in my heart; scones and jam with the whole family at the shell house, holidays in old wooden A-frames and toe biting possums at the haven. Family trips for weeks at a time, bringing friends to join the fun; kayaking on sunset, big walks to snorkel on shallow reefs, claiming independence as a teenager while exploring the island, vodka cruisers and tube rides, pool hopping, and shopping. Sunday afternoon and the live music created a perfect atmosphere for the pub goers, sun-kissed and salty. Kids with ice creams and frisbees, and the chillers listening from the grass. It was the perfect relaxed bustle you could imagine of the island life.

These days it holds a different vibration. The resort sold more than 5 years ago, with huge plans to create a 250 birth marina, massive golf course, commercial airstrip and 1000+ holiday rental options. Surprise surprise nothing has happened and now walking past the resort end of the island, all you can see is an overgrown mess. All fenced off and abandoned, feeling somewhat of a ghost village. My beliefs are that a well designed, eco-friendly development that complements the natural charm of the island would be much more suited than an upmarket tourist trap that has the potential to damage the ecosystem. This sizeable greed has the ability to quickly change a quaint little place forever.

Enough of the rant, and back to the magic. Wow! We anchored to watch the sun setting while we gorged on cheese and wine, jumped off into the refreshing turquoise water, and took the tender to shore to explore.



Light faded, welcoming the night sky filled with stars. A very relaxed evening, excitement arrived when Andy caught a squid, and when beautiful luna showed up to grace us for the second half of the night. The sky and breeze were both so enjoyable that we dragged all the bedding to the roof of the boat to sleep under the stars, and woke by the heat of the sun.

dsc_0171dsc_0181dsc_0182The following day we were blessed with the presence of mumma and baby humpback whales, turtles and dolphins riding the bow wave of the boat. Andy and I ventured up the dunes on a bush walk at butterfly bay, catching stunning views of the coastline. We realised that the trip fell on the same day as the anniversary of three years together, and were filled with gratitude for such a pleasurable and unexpected celebration.


We steamed home towards the evanescent light, beers in hand with pink faces that held huge smiles.


Look forward to seeing you again soon, Yeppoon!