One night at Saunders beach a big friendly smile popped into the back of the van while we were cooking mussel laksa. After a long chat, a connection was made. We were thrilled to find the same happy face at a free camp behind a pub near Ingham. Dinner was shared with Nils at our van camp, where we decided to venture to Wallaman falls together the next morning. The highest single drop waterfall in all of Australia, what a powerful place.

DCIM101MEDIAdsc_0459dsc_0496 ATHERTON TABLELANDSdsc_0139-1

dsc_0225dsc_0174The waterfall circuit is just divine, many rainforest walks were enjoyed, stopping to cool off in the fresh clear water.

dsc_0241Running low on funds,  it was time to find some work. With no luck  ringing around for farm work, we decided to head for Port Douglas and try our luck in hospitality.

Arrived at Deb’s place soon after making the decision, for sunset beers on the beach. An old friend of Andy’s and a new friend of mine.dsc_0259Mossman Gorge is one of the most impressive water ways I have ever visited.  It feeds the entire region with delicious drinking water and swimming all year round.


dsc_0330dsc_0350dsc_0371Within the first week of living at Cooya beach we were blessed with not only finding jobs, but also with rain. Waking one day after constant downpour throughout the the early hours of the morning, I thought, to live somewhere with this much water falling from the sky offers a rich life.dsc_0381dsc_0373Discovering the Daintree; where the rainforest meets the sea.dsc_0385dsc_0390dsc_0406dsc_0403dsc_0411The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.                                                                            

                                                                    ~   Pamela Hansford Johnsondsc_0414


Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was certainly a treat for us, especially after Magnetic. I was happily surprised at how much colour still remains in the beautiful underwater gardens. Swimming over some sections was heartbreaking and shocking, reminiscent of rubble after a bomb strike. I highly urge everyone to listen to the following interview and light the spark in conversation. Maybe this issue is not as simple as rising sea temperatures.



dsc_0424dsc_0427dsc_0477dsc_0481Life was full. Andy and I shared the van into Port to work cleaning hotels and waitressing, waiting for each other at the beach. Free hours were spent at home on the deck, reading, drinking tea and watching the sunbirds create a masterpiece on top of a hanging crystal.dsc_0523dsc_0564dsc_0601dsc_0606I settled into the Mossman community, enjoying life drawing and belle dancing classes, yoghurt soft serve from the health food shop and local swimming holes. I have a feeling I will live here again one day.




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