‘The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.’

~Hans Hofmann, Introduction to the Bootstrap, 1993


It was a true gift from the Universe to find home in paradise after three months of backpacking through Thailand, Cambodia and New Zealand. A gorgeous book called ‘Praise to the moon’ written by Ellen Hawke called out to me from a retro second hand bookstore in Nelson, NZ. This book introduced me to the magic of manifestation.

We landed back on familiar soil, and eight weeks later we finally unpacked both cars-that had been filled like a game of Tetris prior to the big adventure overseas.

Life at Eden Creek was bliss indeed, exploring the creek in search of waterfalls and crystals, endless knot-tying sessions, creative photography, reading, loving and being…

A whirlwind of events since meeting just more then a year earlier, and timing felt right for Andy and I to leap into sharing our first home together in the Northern Rivers.




We took Ellen Hawke’s advice and began our ceremony at dusk when Luna was a thin silver sliver in the sky. Each with a handful of seeds, we set intentions as we planted each grain of life into rich humus, wishing for the home we had been dreaming of. Pumpkin for Privacy, Tomato for two rooms, Parsley for price range, Cucumbers – composting loo, Beans – bathtub, Lettuce – land, Sunflowers – sunshine…really feeling into the energy of a nourishing space to call home.



An image held of these little seedlings being planted in our future garden, and a flyer was printed-spread from Bexhill to Main arm and everywhere in between. Two months later on the full moon we met with our landlords who had found us on the notice board down at Federal general store-two weeks after that we had arrived home.

At this point, after a long time my heart remembered what home feels like.


It has been nothing short of pure connectedness and gratitude in the last year of living here on this wonderful land. I trust we were always meant to arrive here. An ever-evolving experience unfolded, of nurturing, understanding self, growth and the magic of nature.


This family of Tawny Frogmouth birds taught me so much in their presence. A journey through the seasons together, only to surrender to the power of nature in all its wonderful forms.. and the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Settling into the routine of farm life has been humbling and reminds me that nature is alive and buzzing, even if at first I expected stillness and quiet. 78 acres, certified organic, and 800 lemon trees that I have gotten to know quite well. Mulching and weeding when we first arrived had us working physically as hard as we ever have-carting mountains of heavy water-drenched cardboard up the steep incline of the rolling green orchard. I picked from April, 11kg-70kg a week throughout the sporadic season thus far. It has been extremely satisfying and rewarding work, truly filled with the essence of abundance at peak of season. Feeling grateful to have been gifted this experience.

Fabian and Jack, the resident horses have helped me to surrender a fear that was no longer useful. It has transformed into complete admiration for the power and strength this animal’s energy holds. Trust in presence is key-as when fear and adrenalin kick in, they can manifest as a quick reality change, providing a sharp lesson.DSC_0357IMG_1905DSC_0372A real taste of farm life: keeping an eye out for all of the animals, two horses, two steers, three cows, four chooks, a baby chick and countless wildlife. I always appreciated the responsibility of checking water and health of these beautiful beings, as it encourages me to be outside and create  relationships with these animals.

It is always a pleasant surprise to have an encounter with a wild creature also. Recent visits from Python and Tree snake have been fulfilling in every way…erasing expected fear and allowing room to sense the mysterious wisdom that their existence holds.animaliaThank you Universe, Thank you Luna, Thank you beautiful land for welcoming us to live alongside your current of life force energy in complete synergy. Thank you sunshine, Thank you stormy evenings and endless rain. Gratitude for the rainbows, the clouds, the starry nights. Gratitude for the creative inspiration that has birthed life in this sacred space. The quiet times, the dinner parties, the ceremony.. The room to discover what is true in ourselves, and the opportunity to really ground deeply into this Earth we call home.

~ An honouring of this wonderful time spent has been calling… as soon it will all change.



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